What an incredibly wonderful day on so many levels.

Sad Tears. Excited Planning. Happy Tears. Heavy Heart. Happy Heart. Family Lovin’. Incredible Work. Fun Friends. Frustration Peaking. Ocean Views. Memories Made. New Possibilities. Expansive Plans.

Grateful for it allllllll.

I posted the other day that I was feeling the calm before the next influx of awesome.

Well, the energy shifted in the last 24 hours. And sometimes that feels like a whole lotta CRAZY.

Everything from a chaotic plane ride back to SD to tearful breakdowns to giggly exchanges that remind me of the depths of the human emotional spectrum.

I’m so f-ing happy I can feel all of this.

Even when the tears are falling, I feel so rooted in the reality of all the gifts still arriving and still present in my life.

And guess what?

If you’re scrolling on your phone or computer and made it this far into my post, get present to this:

There’s nothing unique or special about me that allows this crazy ass mix of incredible, sad, frustrating, expansive, fun and sexy LIFE to exist for me.

You have a crazy ass mix of crazy ass life happening for you, too.

For real.

But here’s the thing…

Do you see it? Do you enjoy it? Even when it sucks?

It’s your choice.

You can look on the things I share here and say to yourself, “Krystal leads such an amazing life. Why can’t I have that, too? Must be nice.”

You can choose that. Totally. It’s easy. Really friggin’ easy. Doesn’t hurt my feelings. It’s easy to sit there and feel less than or like a victim of all the things in your life.

But look…

You’re choosing EVERYTHING in your life right now. EVERYTHING. All of it. ALL OF IT. From the bitchy coworker to the emotionally abusive partner to the nagging mother.

You’re receiving back what you’re dishing out and allowing in your life.

You want shit to change? You’ve gotta instigate that change.

That means showing up DIFFERENTLY to YOUR life.

Garbage in, garbage out.
Miracles in, miracles out.

You picking up what I’m putting down?

What you celebrate in my life are direct reflections of what lives inside you.

I’m sure you’re shutting it up as soon as its whispers are audible though, aren’t you? With your self-talk sounding a bit like:

“That’s ridiculous.”
“Yeah, right. I could never do that.”
“Oh, please. Moving on.”

You admire how I travel to three different cities in three different states in the last three weeks? That desire to travel lives inside you.

You’re fascinated at how I date the incredible men that I do across the country? You want that, too.

You honor how I show up to my ever-evolving relationships in such an open-hearted, truth-telling, divine feminine way? You can, too.

I am you.
You are me.

I see my reflection in your struggle with your stress level of your job.

You see your reflection in the tears following my breakup.

I see my reflection in your nomadic-traveling-uncertainty-centered adventure.

You see your reflection in the most traumatic moments of my life.

I see my reflection in your egoic, rambling excuses for why you can’t.

You see your reflection in my delicious, tantalizing, naughty, pleasure-filled sex stories.

I see my reflection in your insurmountable, deep-rooted fear of leaving your partner.

You see your reflection in my ever-evolving, sometimes really ugly, body healing journey.

I see my reflection in your all-consuming anger and desire for constant control.

You see your reflection in my ornery, rebellious stubbornness to constantly do things my way.

I am you.
You are me.

So next time you choose to pass judgment on you or me or feel like a victim of your life, stop to recognize that you’re experiencing the same crazy ass, abundant, expansive, f*cked up mix that life has to offer.

You can go on feeling disempowered.

Or you can rise up and say a huge “THANK YOU, UNIVERSE. Thanks for giving me everything I know I can handle and everything I think I can’t. I’m better for it and I’m ready to take on my life. Let’s do this.”

Your choice.

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