We’re used to doing it all.

It’s like this stamp of self-worth: “See! I don’t need anyone.” ‪#‎boom‬

And yet, I’ve got some bad news for ya…

*As long as you’re being the man in your life, there’s no room for the man in your life to come in.*


Seems like we’re working against ourselves here, ladies, especially when it comes to allowing our truest femininity to come forward in our lives.

A feminine woman is undeniably and deliciously sexy in ways people can’t quite put their finger on.

So how do you become that allowing, trusting, intuitive, KNOWing version of yourself?

I have an incredibly simple starting point for you in today’s video.

To say that these simple, life-changing practices in your life can and will upgrade your love life is a grand understatement.

It did in mine. Damnnnnn, did it ever.

Experiment with these and let me know how it goes in the comments below! Let’s get this conversation started.

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