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Hello, love. My name is Krystal.


Guiding women back to their own self-care, sensuality, sexuality and innate feminine power didn’t just happen by accident.

It would’ve been really easy to continue on my journey in hiding.

I spent three years hiding my visits to my spiritual healer, my naturopath, my therapist and my doctors. I hid because I didn’t think anyone would get what I was tuning into in my body, my spirit, my mind and the unseen world.

I knew that I didn’t come into this world with chronic migraines, skin rashes, profuse sweating, intense lower back pain, muscle stiffness and an uncontrollable and unpredictable digestive system that had ultra stressed at the thought of being away from home.

I knew that there was more for me than a cubicle and working on someone else’s dime and direction.

I knew I craved deeper conversations at the endless assortment of happy hours but began to settle for hangovers instead.

I knew that my relationships were dysfunctional, codependent and surface level.

I just knew that there was more to feel, more to learn, more to excite me.

I knew I didn’t start out this way, so I knew I didn’t have to end up this way.

So I got brave (in hiding) and started to experiment with what could help me feel better.

As I healed, I came home to my endless, wise and spot-on intuition.

As I healed, I came home to my gorgeous, sexy, sacred body.

As I healed, I came home to my secret whispers of my innermost desires.

As I healed, I started to share my wisdom with my girlfriends and began to take on private coaching clients.

As I healed, I started to get really courageous by sharing my out-of-the-box ideas on wide open, authentic, conscious communication (AKA speaking your truth).

As I healed, I started to explore what kind of relationships I felt viscerally attracted to.

As I continue to open, I give myself permission to explore my sensuality out loud.

As I continue to grow, I walk my edges (edges are all that’s left) in opening to deep, penetrating, crack-me-wide-open kind of L-O-V-E.

As I continue to grow, I fully embrace my femininity and just how delicious it feels to be me.

I love myself. Deeply. Endlessly.

The reason I can attract what I desire in my life is because I started with ME.

We don’t learn to take care of ourselves.

We had kickass moms who literally did it all. Except, while they were taking care of us, who was taking care of them?

Self-care is the gateway to knowing ourselves better than any other being walking the planet.

Non-negotiable self-care will change the world.

This is what I teach here.

Deep, nourishing, healing, eternal, boundless, exquisite self-care in ALL of its desired expressions.

Women who take incredible care of themselves are women who know what lights them up, turns them on and powers them forward. They are…

Women who know their worth.

Women who know their feminine, soft, fierce power.

Women who know their sexy, delicious, sensual selves.


And a woman who knows those facets of her multidimensional, ever-evolving, ever-expanding self is a woman who KNOWS what she wants in this life.

And who’s going to mess with a woman like that?

There’s no room to take advantage of her because she won’t allow it.

There’s no room to settle because she knows she deserves the absolute BEST.

There’s no room to hide because she knows beauty is to be tasted, taken in, enjoyed, not hidden.

You’re here for a reason, love.

Let’s play.

If you hear your inner intuitive whisper saying “yes,” then let’s get on the phone and bring those desires to life. It’s time.

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